New features and interface changes – GeoTask 17 is available

By April 12, 2021June 9th, 2021Field Service Management

We have recently released a new version of GeoTask, our Field Service Management application. Each release brings improvements in performance and functionality to make managing fieldwork even easier. What’s new in the GeoTask 17 dispatcher and fieldworker applications?

New features

Enhanced scheduling: a dispatcher can plan work by selecting workers from several regions at the same time. When scheduling a crew, the dispatcher can only see available resources, so workers cannot be booked in other crews at the same time. He can also view and edit workers’ skills required for tasks and modify the working time of a crew.

Crew unavailability: a dispatcher can record both one-time and recurring unavailability – this feature makes task planning and scheduling even more efficient.

Enhanced reports: now you can filter report search results by task details. Thanks to this, dispatchers and managers have all the necessary information in one overview, saving time. Now the filtered report results can be exported to a CSV file.

The user has access to the basic functions from the context menu of individual elements: crews, tasks. The ability to navigate to modules can be found in the side panel.

Clear interface – dispatcher application

The GUI of the dispatcher’s web application is now adapted to the design of the mobile application. All changes improve GeoTask’s user-friendliness and make it more intuitive and easier to use. The user can also adjust the layout of elements to their preferences:

  • It is possible to hide selected elements (map, task list, schedule) so the application displays only the information that the user is currently using. If you turn off the map view, for example, the application will adjust the size of the schedule window to the width of the screen. This allows the user to focus on the necessary elements, e.g. the task list and the schedule.
  • Now you can control the number of columns with the necessary information presented about individual crews directly on the Gantt chart, such as the crew name and region. Additionally, the view of individual columns can be enabled or disabled, and column width can be modified.
  • The user can modify the size of the Gantt chart window: both width and height, affecting the size of the map and task list.
  • Zooming in and out inside the schedule view – this long-awaited improvement allows users to adjust the tasks tiles and improve the number of displayed tasks.
geotask mobile and web

While working on the GeoTask UX/UI, we focused on the clarity of the Gantt chart. For example, if the execution time of tasks overlaps, the task tile turns red. Thanks to this, the dispatcher can better notice the conflict and immediately correct the plan.

What else can we do for you?

GeoTask allows you to effectively manage a large number of tasks in the field and to schedule work in a contact-free manner, which is important especially in times of pandemics. See how we can help you and try out the new version of our software – learn how can you benefit from GeoTask: