District heating

Major cities in Europe maintain extensive networks that supply residents, businesses and industry with heat energy for central heating and hot water and, in summer, also air conditioning.

Globema delivers integrated geospatial solutions for heat distribution that enable to effectively manage district heating networks and perform hydraulic calculations. Our portfolio includes comprehensive network assets inventory, fault management, geomarketing, data visualization and business support tools as well as work force management solutions.

District Heating Solutions

DH.GIS Calculations

DH.GIS Calculations

Hydraulic calculations for heating and water supply networks



Spatial document database

task scheduling



Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Solutions


Workforce Management

Our Google Maps-based solutions

DH.GIS – Heat Network Management

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Industry-specific expertise and experience

We have uniqe expertise in the district heating industry. Thanks to the long-term experience in cooperating directly with various utility operators, our consultants know and understand their key business processes and challenges.

Wherever you are, we are here to help

Our key activities, such as software development, integration, maintenance and trainings, are not limited to any certain location! Globema provides services globally, both remotely and on customers’ sites.

Mature, market-leading and innovative technologies

Our industry-specific geospatial software systems have been developed, enhanced and successfully used by utilities since 1998, thus today they feature an uncontested set of comprehensive & advanced functionalities.

Did you know?


Globema DH.GIS and supportive mobile and web applications are used to manage, develop & maintain district heating network in over 70 cities.


Over 10 million end-customers are connected to heating networks that are being modelled using Globema DH.GIS.


Globema has over 20 years of experience in developing & deploying specialized solutions for district heating operators.