Partner Expertise Program – Globema as an FME Expert

By March 17, 2021April 14th, 2021FME
Partner Expertise Program

We are excited to announce that Globema was accepted into the Safe Software’s Partner Expertise Program! What did it take to become a Partner, which industries do we know best and what does it mean for our clients?

We are recognized experts for the following industries:

fme energy


fme telecommunications


fme aec

AEC (architecture, engineering, construction)

fme utilities


fme retail


fme public

local and federal government

How to become an FME industry expert?

We needed to meet a few requirements to prove our experience and knowledge about the industry, such as projects incorporating FME, case studies, and FME training. In addition, references from our customers were required as well.

Our certificates:

What is the Partner Expertise Program?

The Partner Expertise Program makes it easy for customers to find partners in their region based on their expertise. It also allows companies to discover teaming opportunities with other Safe Software partners to strengthen and fill gaps in service offerings.

Participating in the Partner Expertise Program increases market visibility as an FME Industry Expert in industries and proves our abilities as an FME Industry Expert.

Let’s cooperate!

Globema is an official Silver Partner of Safe Software. We have FME Certified Professional, FME Certified Trainer, and FME Server Certified Professional certificates confirming the highest FME skills. Our branch in Romania also has a Silver Partner status and employees who obtain FME certificates.

If you plan to take on a project using FME and want to discuss your needs, reach out to us! We will be happy to talk and advise yo