Here’s a few questions about your experiences with Smallworld Physical Route Manager and Optical Network Atlas. Help us improve our solutions to better meet your needs.

    1. Do you model microtubes in your network?

    If yes, what kind of information is missing? Would ONA-like schemes for microtubing be helpful?

    2. Do you lease conduit paths to your customers? Do you lease them from 3rd parties? How do you manage this in PNI?

    Would it be helpful if PRM could model conduit paths aside from optical paths?

    3. Have you ever experienced performance issues in PRM/ONA?

    If so, in what scenarios? In which version?

    4. Do you use RME in your implementation?

    If not, what is the reason? What would allow to change your approach? If yes, what is missing for you? What would allow you to work with RME more efficiently?

    5. Do you use PRM for managing your optical network?

    If not, why?

    What could convince you to change your approach?

    6. Do you have any other suggestions or ideas how you could work more efficiently with PNI/PRM/ONA?

    I would like to get PRM/ONA demo

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