GE PowerON Advantage is a fully integrated, advanced network management solution that completely automates real-time management, monitoring, and control of electrical distribution networks.

Integrated and Streamlined Operation
  • One network model providing a single view of all work across distribution network operations in real-time
  • Integrated and optimized operational workflows, streamlined across GIS, ADMS, AMI and mobile
  • End-to-end network model management processes and streamlined workflows

Intuitive User Experience
  • Pre-defined dashboard with user-configurable widgets providing greater situational awareness
  • User experience focused around specific archetypes and key operational workflows
  • Streamlined, intuitive and guided work pages optimized for operating during blue sky days or under extreme storm conditions

Simplified System and Modular Design
  • Quick-start packages offered to accelerate deployments which maximize improvements across reliability, productivity and efficiency KPIs
  • Purpose-designed and built as an off-the-shelf ADMS product, deployable pre-configured on networks spanning from EHV to LV
  • Modular software architecture on a core real-time platform for flexible implementations as either an OMS, a DMS or a fully functioning ADMS


  • Up to 33% reduction in SAIDI for increased reliability
  • Up to 30% reduction in crew/operator interaction for greater productivity
  • Up to 3% reduction in voltage for greater network efficiency
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