Globema develops specialized mobile applications based on Google Maps platform.

The solutions allow access to all sorts of spatial data on smartphones, tablets, PCs & are compatible with common operating systems: Android, iOS. Mobile solutions based on Google Maps enable making the right business decisions by easily visualizing important location-based data – anytime and anywhere. Users have a rich set of tools for data discovery and management at their fingertips. Globema’s mobile solutions based on Google Maps are created on demand, to meet particular customer requirements, and are used in operations, marketing, and sales activities.


Detailed directions

Whether you plan to walk or drive, your route is displayed on the map, together with step by step directions.

Integrated Search Results

Local business locations and contact information all appear in one place, integrated on your map.

Easily movable maps

 Maps for mobile’s interactive maps are draggable, so you can quickly explore the farther reaches of the area you’re looking at. Zoom in and out and move in any direction to orient yourself visually.

Satellite imagery

To see what a location looks like from the air. Maps for mobile provides satellite and aerial images.


Worldwide known map application

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Worldwide known map application

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