With workforce management solutions offered by Globema and our partners, you can improve the efficiency of your mobile teams through real-time location visibility, optimized dispatching and automated job management, all delivered within intuitive and pre-integrated application suites from the market-leading WFM software vendors.


Fieldwork management with Google Maps

GeoTask helps you to optimize delivery routes based on Google Maps including traffic estimation. Direct communication with field employees via mobile app enables you to preview the current stage of the plan and allows its rapid corrections. The collection of information in the field is facilitated by a wide range of options: taking pictures, creating voice notes, and filling online forms.

Workforce Management systems makes scheduling and executing tasks for mobile workers and field operations, up to 45% more effective.


Reduction of transportation costs


More completed


Globema provides a complete scope of services related to the implementation and support of workforce management solutions. First, our consultants analyze your business processes, so they can later advise on the best technology to match your company’s needs and requirements.  Solution delivery and integration can be performed solely by Globema or in cooperation with a local partner(s).  After user & admin training and system production go-live, Globema starts providing maintenance & support of the whole solution (including integrations) remotely and on-site.


How does it work?

Dispatcher’s app

Available tools enable the dispatcher to manage tasks and monitor the progress of the work. The current position of the employee and the job status are visualized on the map with distinctive icon and color.

Mobile worker’s app

Field worker has access to the current list of tasks. Each task is described and contains the necessary information for its completion. It also has its “life cycle” so that the dispatcher can track the progress.

GeoTask is designed for:

Transport & Logistics
Public Sector
Service & Others


  • Route delivery optimization based on Google Maps (including traffic estimation) helps you to reduce transport costs, complete more tasks and ensure on-time performance.
  • Direct communication with employees in the field via mobile app enables you to preview the current stage of the plan and allows its immediate corrections.
  • A wide range of options: taking photos, dictating memos and filling online forms streamline the collection of information in the field.
  • Analysis of the collected information leads to better work organization, greater customer satisfaction, costs reduction and profit increase.

GeoTask helps you to plan, monitor and assess your employees’ task performance. This easy-to-use solution improves the quality of your work and customer service.