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We provide comprehensive software solutions that enable using various data and various communications technologies to streamline operations and improve efficiency of small, medium
and large size enterprises.

We specialize in geospatial and location-intelligence software. Our team develops, integrates and delivers:

Our solutions enable effective planning, management and control of networks, assets,  resources and works, therefore support several business processes across various industries.

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DH.GIS Calculations

DH.GIS Calculations

Hydraulic calculations for heating and water supply networks

geotaskplanner portal

GeoTask Planner Portal

Automated delivery route planning

Low-voltage topology

Effective data collection in the field using a voice assistant and powered by image analysis

data center manager

Data Center Manager for Physical Network Inventory



Spatial document database

task scheduling




system for condition monitoring and failure risk assessment of MV cable lines


ELGrid 2020

(R)evolution in forecasting and optimizing power and distribution networks



area-based forecasting of production for renewables



Intelligent system for LV network reconfiguration

Physical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld PNI

Logical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld LNI

Optical Network Atlas for PNI

Physical Route Manager for PNI

Management of Physical Routes in Transmission Networks

Optical Path Scheme for PNI

Scheme Generation for Optical Network

Radio Network Inventory for PNI

Inventory of radio towers and wireless equipment

Cable TV Design for Smallworld PNI

Support for Coaxial and Optical Network Design

Service Inventory for PNI & LNI

B2B services in Logical Network Inventory

Data Quality Tool for Smallworld GIS

Data Verifier and Error Data Handler

Network Inventory Maintenance Support

Automated Reporting


Support and Simplify Network Data Import


Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Solutions


Workforce Management

Our Google Maps-based solutions

DH.GIS – Heat Network Management

Smallworld Gas Distribution Office

Smallworld Global Transmission Office

Network Management

Smallworld Electric Office

Electric Utility Asset Management Lifecycle


Network Assets Management for Energy


Development, Planning and Management of Electric Grid


Forecasting, Planning and Management Support for RES Operators

FME Server

Flexible Spatial Data Distribution

FME Desktop

Efficient Data Conversion

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