How to manage power in PNI – new version of DCM

By September 16, 2020April 15th, 2021Smallworld, Telecommunications

Data Center Manager, our newest PNI add-on, is about to get a new set of features. This summer, we announced the first version of DCM focused on space management. Now it’s time for the next steps – what are our plans?

In September we have started developing another module in DCM which is all about power management. We plan to enable users to:

  • Document detailed power parameters of devices, power supplies, and power connectivity between them – to never again wonder which supplies power which devices and act better and faster when anything goes wrong
  • Calculate available power capacity – to quickly understand if there is enough free power to install another device
  • Connect power supplies into electrical circuits – to control the proper balance of the power consumption in the location

We plan the release of DCM power module in Q1 2021. If you feel that power management is something that should be handled with more care in your PNI-based solution, contact us, and share your thoughts and requirements. We’re always more than happy to get your feedback!

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