Field operations in pandemic time

By March 25, 2020WorkForce Management

COVID-19 pandemic impacts operations of practically all businesses. It affects particularly heavy companies providing field services like maintenance, deliveries, transportation etc. Due to mobility restrictions, quarantines, lockdowns and extra safety rules to obey in personal contacts, many such service organizations have now:

  • to carry out increased number of orders, tasks and duties with the smaller staff available,
  • to minimize contacts between employees and people outside the company in order to reduce health risks and prevent spreading the coronavirus.

If your company faces such challenges, we would be happy to help with our software tools of the Field Service Management (FSM) category. Generally, FSM software automates scheduling, dispatching, order handling, execution and reporting of field operations as well as supports real-time management of remote work force.

Thanks to use of the dispatch panels and workers’ smartphones, direct contact between employees can be almost completely eliminated.

Our solutions operate in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). What does it practically mean? They are available in cloud, ready for immediate use.

Our products are based on Google Maps and enable both efficient geolocation of objects, customers and the staff as well as route optimization and fast navigation to target destinations.

Field Service Management solution – your support during the pandemic

For new companies interested in using our FSM solutions during the state of the epidemic we offer a 50% discount of the subscription fee in SaaS model.

We declare also the possibility of providing our FSM tools free of charge to service organizations involved directly in fighting with the COVID-19 epidemic.

If you are interested in more details on our FSM solutions and how they can support your business during this difficult time, do not hesitate to reach out.