FME 2020.01 – what updates come to the data integration platform?

By August 17, 2020October 27th, 2020FME
The next edition of FME, 2020.1, has launched in July. It’s second and surely not the last update of the FME software this year. Below we present the most important changes and updates in FME 2020.1.

Changes and updates in a nutshell

  • Improved management of spatial data in the cloud
  • Improved functionality of specific data formats
  • New formats of Business Intelligence
  • Faster operation of some transformers
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Changes in existing subscription models and the introduction of FME Server Dynamic Engine

New data formats and sources supported by FME 2020.1

  • Amazon Redshift Spatial (Reader/Writer)
  • Snowflake Spatial (Reader/Writer)
  • Oracle Autonomous Spatial (Reader/Writer)
  • Microsoft DirectDraw Surface (Reader)
  • Tableau Hyper (Writer)
  • ArcGISOnlineConnector
  • 12d (Writer)
  • SharePoint Online Connector
  • Google Sheets V4 (Reader/Writer)
  • Smallworld 64 bit (Reader/Writer)

Faster and more efficient data processing in FME

  • Using cache memory to autocomplete attribute names or values available in Tester, TestFilter, and AttributeExposer transformers, as well as places, where clauses and conditional questions are being used (TechPreview)
  • Easier management of all application available in FME Server through creating FME Server Apps gallery and other applications
  • View of all data in repositories which was published with workspaces such as source data, support files, or nonstandard transformers
  • View of all schedules and time triggers in one place, only for FME Server administrators
  • Improved and more advanced proxy support, support of exceptions and replacement proxy symbols

What’s new in FME mobile applications

FME Data Express v1.3.2 – simplified workflows

  • Option for sending data as default service for all workspaces operating many tasks.
  • .fmear results automatically launch the FME AR application (requires installing FME AR 1.4.0 or newer version, available for iOS).

FME AR v1.5.0 (only for iOS)

Updates allow you to operate anchors, many points of model viewing, distance measurement, or detecting depth which makes navigating displayed models in application easier for the users.

Changes in subscription programs

New subscription models introduced in the 2020.0 version were targeted at the utility sector, airports, and educational institutions and allows many companies to save a lot of money while increasing the value of used data. If you decide to use subscription models, you can use an unlimited number of the FME Server and FME Desktop licenses for a fixed, yearly price.

In the 2020.1 version, there are changes in the corporate subscription. It’s even more flexible now and the minimum shopping price starts from even 15 000 €. Another important change is choosing individual prices based on the company’s needs.

Dynamic Engines

FME Server introduces a new way of using engines called Dynamic Engines. This approach lets you buy credits that reflect the time of the engine’s work. This licensing option only requires you to pay for FME Server worktime and performed work.

Dynamic Engines allow you to launch an unlimited number of engines. This way, it eliminates the problem of queuing tasks. In FME Server 2020.1 everyone can use 100 hours of free credits and thus test the solution for free. Contact us for the full pricing and details about FME Server Dynamic Engines!

These are all the most important changes in FME 2020.1. Download the newest version of FME and try them out!

Download the test version