Automated delivery route planning – GeoTaskPlanner Portal

By October 12, 2020October 27th, 2020WorkForce Management

Planning optimal routes is a challenge, no matter what’s your industry or number of daily fieldwork tasks. Manually planning delivery routes for the drivers takes a lot of time and the length of prepared journeys is usually unsatisfying. Having accurate schedules helps your business operate flawlessly and your employees know their deadlines and destinations.

Based on our experiences with Field Service Management systems we created GeoTask Planner Portal. You load an excel file with information about tasks and employees into the GeoTask Planner and it performs the rest of the work, automatically planning routes and distributing tasks among your fieldwork employees. The prepared routes are optimal in terms of the order of stops in a way that allows your field workforce to visit every customer in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to GeoTask Planner Portal you will:

  • Shorten your planning process by 30-75%
  • Shorten the driven distance by 5-25%
  • Reduce the number of vehicles you need by 5-15%