LocDoc – new product for paper document digitization

Does your company keep a large volume of technical paper documentation that is hard to access? Do you face the challenge of digitizing resources such as as-built, investment, or project documentation? LocDoc, the new product in our portfolio, automates the categorization of scanned documents and provides an easy access to their content for every employee in your company. Find out how LocDoc works and how it can help with paper documentation.

Document categorization provided by Artificial Intelligence

LocDoc categorizes papers, maps, decisions, protocols, and similar documents. It analyzes their content and sets their date and location. This way, it creates a spatial document database. To achieve this in a short time, the categorization module is based on the machine learning tools which first “learn” analyzing documentation samples and then use an optimally tuned model to categorize documents for the organization.

The LocDoc application provides easy access to documents for the whole company. This results in increased operational effectiveness of the organization and faster creation of a digital model of their assets.

Learn about the process of automaticly categorizing technical documents and the benefits of LocDoc. Visit our new product’s website: