The Network Inventory System for years. The story of Globema and Netia’s collaboration

By September 2, 2020November 27th, 2020Smallworld, Telecommunications

1997 was the year when Globema started its partnership with Netia, one of the largest telecommunication operators in Poland. We provided Netia with the Network Inventory System based on GE Smallworld and for all these years it’s been developed accordingly to the company’s business needs. The NIS has gradually become a significant part of Netia’s operations. This was possible thanks to its scalability and integration with other systems.

If you want to learn about:

  • A long-haul business partnership
  • The Network Inventory System’s large-scale implementation
  • The operator’s technology development from the concession to the network modernization for FTTH/FTTB

…then read the text written by Jacek Świtalski, Project and Process Optimization Manager at Netia.


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