Easy access to geographic information, possibilities of stylization and simple presentation of spatial data can considerably improve business processes and bring significant benefits. Specialized solutions built on Google Maps Platform can be used for everyday internal operations as well as for marketing and sales activities.


With the launch of Google Maps Platform, Google introduced new products, pricing, and support to provide greater flexibility, transparency, and control. Google Maps Platform can be used for publicly available, internal or paid apps. The Maps Platform also enables to see the current location of a fleet in real time on a map (asset tracking). This solution also enables layering data on top of Google Maps and creating custom styling of the map.

GeoGrid – GIS data for everyone everywhere

GeoGrid makes your geospatial data accessible for your workforce and business users, from the office to the field. With GeoGrid, mobile teams have access to maps with data from GIS anytime on any mobile device. Application also enables data aggregation & integration with various systems: CRM, ERP, WFM, Fleet Management and is used by utilities and telecoms for sales & marketing support.

GeoMarketing – geospatial sales and marketing

GeoMarketing allows you to optimize business and quickly respond to market changes by identifying untapped potential before the competition. GeoMarketing combines the scalability of Google Cloud and innovation of Google GEO platform to provide robust marketing analyses & reports that efficently handle Big Data in spatial context. GeoMarketing helps to understand customer behaviors, choose proper new business locations and identify market segments that require your attention.

GeoLocator – store locator on Google Maps

GeoLocator is a simple store locator platform, dedicated for visualizing any offices, shops, points of customer service, local entities and more. GeoLocator enables you to visualize branches on Google Maps along with any selected relevant information, such as: opening hours, contact details, address, website, logo. Application can be integrated with CRM or ERP systems. GeoLocator can be used both internally and on your corporate website. Solution by default supports Google Earth and StreetView, including internal floor plans and in-building StreetView.

GeoEstate – smart property visualization

GeoEstate is a web application for real estate companies that supports on-line sales and lead generation by smart display of planned, on-going and completed investments. GeoEstate lets potential property buyers select investments in geospatial context on Google Maps and learn more about them and their surroundings by automated or manual selection of nearby Points of Interests such as ATMs, grocery stores, hospitals and more.

GeoTraxx – mobile assets tracking and routing

GeoTraxx helps in planning and optimizing routes including real-time traffic data. With GeoTraxx you can determine the optimal route taking into account up to 23 waypoints, track fleet in real time and much more.

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Globema have been using the Google Maps technology to present network data for companies from the heating, energy and telecommunication sector already since 2009. Currently, Globema develops Google Maps & Earth applications to a variety of industries (retail, logistics, tourism, banking and more) as a Authorized Reseller of Google Maps products for enterprise customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

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