Power management – new features in Data Center Manager

By April 5, 2021April 15th, 2021Smallworld, Telecommunications
data center manager - power management

Data Center Manager significantly extends the standard features of GE Smallworld Network Inventory related to inside plant equipment management. In the new version, which has just been released, we have equipped DCM with functions enabling electrical circuit management – DCM now allows you to define a detailed scheme of electrical connections and as a result, calculate actual loads on individual circuits. Check how DCM improves a network expansion or services design.

New DCM functions enable detailed documentation of any electrical connections starting from power sources (e.g. connection to the power grid, backup generator, etc.), through power distribution boards and power switches, to power supplies installed in racks with connections to individual telecommunication devices or HVAC equipment.

The defined connection topology, together with the detailed parameters of power supply and consumption provide a reliable data source allowing to understand devices’ dependencies and available power budget. Thanks to this, Data Center Manager facilitates:

  • determining the impact of failure of the power supply or the entire circuit on telecommunications devices
  • deciding which circuit can support the installation of another device
  • assigning power supplies and devices to different circuits in order to balance power consumption in a given location

Creating a network of connections in the DCM interface is extremely simple – it is performed with the use of “drag and drop” operations during which system instantly calculates current loads and reports points of potential network overload.

Data Center Manager with new features has been released on a 5.2.6 GE Smallworld platform. The product is constantly evolving – in the upcoming months, we plan to release another version, enabling cooling management. Users will be able to determine the heat production parameters of equipment and verify if the cooling capacity installed in the location is sufficient to maintain appropriate conditions.

A new version of Smallworld – now edition 5.2.6.

That’s not all – we have also improved the Optical Network AtlasPhysical Route Manager integration. Now ONA schemes can be enhanced with information about PRM routes running on specific fibers.

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