Grouping points in one area – plan your optimal route with GeoTaskPlanner Portal

By December 15, 2020WorkForce Management
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If you’re handling deliveries or customer service visits located in close proximity, you need to plan routes with single stops at addresses within a walking distance. It may seem easy: one address, one zip code, within a walking distance – but clustering points in one area can improve the efficiency of your work.

You need a planning tool that will arrange the route to a point where you serve many customers within a radius of several dozen meters.

GeoTask Planner Portal, our route planning cloud service, optimizes the delivery route by assigning a single stop for addresses in the close neighborhood.

This is how it works:

  • Upload a file with deliveries to be scheduled (addresses, date, and hour) and select the „Route to point clusters” option.
  • GTPP optimizes the whole route but customers located in the cluster with a radius of e.g. 50 meters are assigned to a single stop. An arrival point will be assigned to each cluster (e.g. first task in the group).
  • The application counts the driving time needed to reach a cluster. The estimated time for completing deliveries includes walking distance from your arrival point to the neighboring task locations.

This feature is especially useful in businesses like:



branża zaopatrzeniowa


branża cateringowa

catering services

maintenance services

maintenance services

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You can test GeoTaskPlanner Portal for two weeks free of charge, so you can see how automated delivery route planning can improve your business.