PRM and ONA with new features – Smallworld 5.1.9 & 5.2.0

By July 4, 2019April 6th, 2020Smallworld, Telecommunications

Our add-ons for Physical Network Inventory – Physical Route Manager (PRM) and Optical Network Atlas (ONA), have been recently updated – and now are available on Smallworld 5.1.9 and 5.2.0. Below we’re listing some key changes and enhancements, developed for even better compatibility and user experience.

Physical Route Manager

PRM allows grouping physical resources into an easily accessible and manageable entity called Route. The Route consists of mutually related elements such as fibers, ports, and splices that compromises a connection between two locations. This module increases productivity and lowers error rates, especially when working on complex projects. It also minimizes the cost and effort of keeping PNI network up to date.

What’s new?

  • New option for PRM Report – generate a report with/without Boring Splices
  • Integration with new PNI Relocate functionality
  • Improved support for internal building cables
  • Display Sheath with LOC bundle and fiber colors in PRM Data tab and Candidate Details view
  • User documentation available from application level
  • Route Group Editor improvements: bulk delete PRM routes

Optical Network Atlas

ONA is an extension for Smallworld PNI that can work as a stand-alone application. It automatically generates easily printable and legible paper documentation of the optical network fragments needed in development and maintenance. Schemes are generated using dynamically traced optical routes, starting from a given location or splice using selected optical cables/fibers ODF shelves/ports. This module allows generating diagrams, based on accurate data and improves mobile workforce productivity.

What’s new?

  • Several performance improvements for schemes generation
  • User documentation available from application level

To show the full potential of these add-ons, recently our team conducted a set of presentations on PRM, ONA, and our other add-ons: (CATV Design and RNI) as well. During these online workshops, we provided users and sales teams an overview of the products, functional capabilities, benefits and tips for proper implementation.

If you’re interested in latest product materials, workshop recordings or in having a dedicated live demo of PRM / ONA or other PNI add-ons, let us know!

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